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World Health Organization Declares Compulsive Sexual Behavior Diagnosis

Posted by Mackenzie Sodestrom on

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) added “Compulsive Sexual Behavior” to their list of diagnoses in the June update of the International Classifications of Diseases. This marks a huge milestone in the world of sex addiction treatment. Sexual addiction has remained a controversial and divided topic among mental health professionals and in the broader culture. Unfortunately, this division has minimized the seriousness of sexual compulsivity and the betrayal and trauma that can accompany the behaviors for addicts and partners alike. This new diagnosis affirms the experience of many who suffer in silence, hopefully working to reduce stigma over time.

This new diagnoses may encourage further research, acceptance, and treatment options in the sex addiction field. Declaring this new diagnosis may open the doors for insurance reimbursement and wider access to treatments for families down the road. We remain committed to this important work and celebrate this huge milestone in the sex addiction field.


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