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Growing Up in a Pornified Culture

Posted by Joan Edwards, LMFT on

What does today’s culture teach young people about sexuality? What lessons do the Internet and media teach boys about what it means to be a man and girls about what it means to be a woman?

In a recently published TEDx talk, Dr. Gail Dines, gives some insights that may shock those who grew up in the era when Playboy was the predominant form of pornography. The Internet has changed our world. Here are some excerpts from her presentation.

  1. Internet porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.
  2. Children typically start viewing porn at the age of 12. (Other studies say the age is closer to 9.)
  3. 90% of the top watched rented pornography scenes contain at least one act of physical or emotional abuse against a woman.
  4. If a child does a Google search on “porn” the first scenes he sees will probably be shockingly degrading and abusive to women.

To view Dr. Dines’ entire 15-minute talk and learn the specifics of what young people are exposed to, click on this link.

The realities she brings to light are disturbing; however, if we are going to protect our children, it is important that we be educated.


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