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World Health Organization Declares Compulsive Sexual Behavior Diagnosis
Posted by Mackenzie Sodestrom on

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) added “Compulsive Sexual Behavior” to their list of diagnoses in the June update of the International Classifications of Diseases. This marks a huge milestone in the world of sex addiction treatment. Sexual addiction has remained a...

Co-Addiction vs. Trauma Informed Treatment for Betrayed Partners
Posted by Mackenzie Sodestrom on

In the early days of sex addiction treatment, clinicians took a copy + paste approach from successful substance abuse treatment protocols and applied it to sex addiction treatment. While some of this was (and remains) helpful for treating addiction, it unfortunately misunderstood and ultimately...

Disclosure After Infidelity Part III: Emotional Restitution Letter
Posted by Mackenzie Sodestrom on

You’ve done the hard work of the full therapeutic disclosure and the emotional impact letter, and are now arriving at the third and final stop of the therapeutic disclosure process - the emotional restitution letter. This step, like its predecessors, is a challenging but an incredibly...

Disclosure After Infidelity Part II: Emotional Impact Letter
Posted by Mackenzie Sodestrom on

After a disclosure of infidelity or sex addiction, a couple may choose to complete the difficult and important process of the full disclosure. Disclosure day is painful for both partners and can stir up a lot of difficult emotions. The final two parts of the therapeutic disclosure help the...

Disclosure After Infidelity
Posted by Mackenzie Sodestrom on

There is often a mixed reaction when we talk about a full disclosure - some couples want to race into it, others are scared to face it. Sometimes one party wants it, and the other doesn't. Research shows, however, that 94% of couples that go through the full disclosure process find it to be...

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Effects of Pornography on the Teen Brain
Posted by Blogging Team on

In the last month, popular search engines reported ten billion total internet searches worldwide.  Of those ten billion, two and a half billion were pornography related searches.  Considering that teen population subset accesses the internet more than any other group, it is likely that...

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