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So we are married, now what? What happens to a marriage when trust is broken?
Posted by Brent Robery on

  Daniel has had a hard day at work. He couldn’t wait to get home. He fought through hours of traffic but he finally made it home. He pulled into the garage, shut off the car, and went into the house. Sitting at the kitchen table, his wife Karen sits, eyes red and puffy, with mascara...

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Welcome to our New Blog
Posted by David Rohrbach on

Welcome to our New Blog for Community Presbyterian Church Counseling Center. Please check back frequently for new articles and useful information published by our experienced team and writers each week.

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Relational Sex vs. Object Sex: The Neurological Aspect of Making Love
Posted by Patty Shirley on

Dr. Doug Weiss, CSAT, is considered to be an expert on Sex and Porn Addiction.  His goal is to promote healthy sexual relations, as does our Sexual Recovery Program at CPCC.  Dr. Weiss teaches the difference between Relational Sex, as in sex within a relationship, vs Object Sex, or...