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Join Us: An Event to Train Leaders in Sex Addiction Recovery
Posted by Emily Chandler, MS, MFTI on

We are happy to announce that CPCC has extended the Early Bird Registration until March 15th for our Hooked on Sex event.  This event will be for leaders, therapists, and pastors who are wanting to better understand how to help their congregation and clients how to work through sexual...

An Unavoidable Issue: How to Discuss the Impacts of Sexting
Posted by Teagan Darnell on

When asked about sexting, a teen might say something like, "It's not a big deal, everyone does it." This kind of response is most likely intended to deter a tough conversation, but sexting is an important issue to address. Is sexting a big deal or not, and is everyone really doing it? It is...

An Unavoidable Issue, Pt. 2: How To Talk To Your Teens About Sexting
Posted by Teagan Darnell on

Adults may experience their own resistance towards bringing up the topic of sexting with their teens because it can be uncomfortable to discuss. Some tips for bringing up this topic with your teens can be useful. One tip is to preface the conversation with something like, "Honey, I want to check...