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An Unavoidable Issue, Pt. 2: How To Talk To Your Teens About Sexting
Posted by Teagan Darnell on

Adults may experience their own resistance towards bringing up the topic of sexting with their teens because it can be uncomfortable to discuss. Some tips for bringing up this topic with your teens can be useful. One tip is to preface the conversation with something like, "Honey, I want to check...

Why am I Addicted?: The Neurology of Addiction
Posted by Teagan Darnell on

Media, news, and education have informed us that substance addictions can cause brain changes. This phenomena is widely studied and accepted, but people typically associate these brain changes with alcoholism and physical dependency. Sex addiction is just as powerful. Brain scans have shown that...

Effects of Pornography on the Teen Brain
Posted by Blogging Team on

In the last month, popular search engines reported ten billion total internet searches worldwide.  Of those ten billion, two and a half billion were pornography related searches.  Considering that teen population subset accesses the internet more than any other group, it is likely that...