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Understanding Trauma: The Long-Reaching Effects Of Past Events

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The Symptoms of PTSD

When our skin experiences trauma, it often leaves a scar. What used to be a healthy patch of skin is left permanently affected by a traumatic event.

That can be true psychologically, as well. When a traumatic event, small or large, is experienced, it can leave the individual feeling disillusioned about the world and distrustful of people and circumstances. Then, because the brain has a more difficult time processing traumatic events than others, this event may be left separate from the rest of that person’s life story, unintegrated and unresolved. This leaves an emotional scar known as r (PTSD).

PTSD is caused when an individual goes through a traumatic event that is outside the range of the normal human experience. PTSD manifests itself in three major symptoms. First, the individual experiences hyperarousal, during which he or she is easily startled, panicked, or angered. This is often accompanied with difficulty sleeping. The second symptom is re-experiencing, which happens when the individuals has flashbacks, nightmares, or other unwelcome memories of the traumatic event. The final symptom is avoidance or numbing. This leaves the individual disconnected from his or her emotions and the world in an attempt to cope with the traumatic memories.

After a traumatic event, these symptoms are very common. If, however, an individual continues to experience them longer than three months, he or she should consider taking steps to get treatment. Unprocessed trauma is often triggered in every day events and in close relationships. The good news is that recovery from PTSD is very possible, and those suffering can expect to be able to return to a healthy, integrated life. Just like with the healing of our physical scars, our emotional scars may remain to tell a story, but their pain, bruising, and tenderness can diminish with time and treatment.

You do not have to live your life suffering from PTSD. For help restoring health and balance to your life, contact the Community Presbyterian Counseling Center in San Ramon, California. Our expert team can help equip you with the right tools to move past your trauma. 


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