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The Digital Addiction

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Do you have a smartphone dependency? Here’s how to tackle it!

Smartphones have made our lives easier in so many ways. The problem, though, is that many of us have begun to rely on them. Do you check your phone first thing after you wake up? Do you find yourself constantly using your phone to capture moments in pictures instead of being present in them? Do you need people to text you information because you can’t remember anything unless it’s stored on your phone anymore?

Many of us answer yes to at least one of the questions, signaling a smartphone dependency. If you want to reclaim your present-mindedness and impulse control, use these pointers to cut back on your smartphone usage.

  • Start by working to become more aware of your smartphone use. This could mean setting a wallpaper on your phone that will make you think every time you pick it up, keeping a tally every time you use your phone, or another method that works for you. You might be surprised about your usage.
  • Don’t be afraid to put your phone on silent (this includes turning off your vibrate, which your ears are likely tuned to hear), especially during the weekends and when you’re enjoying family time.
  • Challenge yourself to do things without your smartphone: Try driving to that destination across town without mapping it, or remembering your kids’ takeout order without putting it in a note, or creating memories of present moments rather than photos. At first you may notice feelings of withdrawal, but eventually you may love the freedom that comes with not relying on your device!
  • Set weekly technology Sabbaths. Set a curfew for technology use each night, placing the phones in a common area rather than keeping them in the bedrooms. Try fasting from technology use for 1 full day of the weekend, not going online, playing games, returning emails, or browsing social media. Take a walk and leave your phone at home.

Are you struggling with a smartphone addiction that makes it difficult to be present in your real life? If so, the San Ramon, California team at Community Presbyterian Counseling Center is here to help you kick the habit! Learn how to live free of your phone leash in our digital age by contacting us today.


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