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Understanding Trauma: The Long-Reaching Effects Of Past Events
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The Symptoms of PTSD When our skin experiences trauma, it often leaves a scar. What used to be a healthy patch of skin is left permanently affected by a traumatic event. That can be true psychologically, as well. When a traumatic event, small or large, is experienced, it can leave the individual...

Understanding Eating Disorders: Harmful Behaviors With Food
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The Three Major Eating Disorders In our modern age, it is not uncommon for people to be obsessed with the way they look. Images with unrealistic beauty standards bombard us every day on magazines, TV, billboards, and the internet. As airbrushing and CGI have made it easier and easier for...

Understanding Anxiety
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How Anxiety Disorders Can Affect A Life We all have had times—even entire seasons of life—that we would characterize as stressful. We know that when our minds feel anxiety or fear, our bodies respond. This is scientifically proven; under stress, your brain triggers the release of...