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Stopping Internet Addiction

Posted by Alan Godfrey on


Picking up where we left off from the previous article on Internet Addiction, we have to recognize that there is a worldwide problem with screen time. Countries such as Germany, Spain, South Korea and others are taking steps to limit screens and reintroduce children into healthier behavior (Bylund, 2019). You can research them yourselves with Germany, Wolfing et. Al. 2013 and the PIPATIC Program in Spain.

You can help your child to prevent the issues brought with screen time by doing some of the following: avoiding all screens before the age of 2, after 2 engaging in slower television shows that encourage participation like Sesame Street rather than faster shows like Sponge Bob, and actively engaging with adults instead of passive discussion. Some things to do with your children and continue to do is deem time for drawing, Legos, music, sports, writing, cooking, and allowing boredom. Boredom is not the enemy, it fosters observation, patience, and imagination; all of which are taken during passive screen time.

As a reminder, it is not too late even if your child already is “glued to the screen.” They can be aided with help from detox programs such as Dr. Dunckley’s Reset Solution, reducing screen time by 1 hour each day for a week, and counseling. New habits can be actively fostered and the more support you can garner from your children’s parent’s the more effective you can be. I hope this helps, reach out for support as needed.


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