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Sincerely Thinker (Myers Briggs)

Posted by Lauren Gibson on

Dear Feeler,

Truth is, at times, I can find it difficult to converse eye-to-eye with you. It is my perception that you value harmony over reality. In our relationship, this may mean that I might at first seem distant in the face of serious problems, or that, if asked, I may respond to you with a solution. Therefore, I hope that this letter clarifies my truest intentions.

First of all, you are always welcome to share your feelings with me. In moments when you desire to understand what is going on in my heart, please, give me time to process my emotions. My distance does not reflect a craving to keep you away but rather, it is an attempt to translate what is marinating in my head and process that information through my heart.

Certainly it may appear foreign to each of us in our attempts to find an accord to our critical existence to support one another. Nevertheless, I value all that you contribute to life—your vibrant emotions, your zealous drive, and sensitive demeanor—therefore, I wish that you will equally value my calmness, strident problem-solving and logical determination that my Thinker tendencies contribute to our relationship as a dynamic duo.  



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