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Sincerely Feeler (Myers Briggs)

Posted by Lauren Gibson on

Dear Thinker,

It seems like we are rarely on the same page these days and it stirs up a flood of emotions each time I open up to you. Despite our contrasting differences, I hold steadfast to the belief that we need one another, however, I believe it is essential to meet each other half way.

The saying of sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me does not apply to me unfortunately dear thinker as ugly words often leave a stamp within my memory. I feel that I am weak for feeling feelings, nevertheless, I hold committed to the mantra of knowing that I am not weak. Empathy is not a weakness but a beautiful strength. Tears, when revealed, are a physical and tangible form of the impact of our hearts, both from positive and negative circumstances.

I admire your problem solving and logical intuition that steers me back toward what is good and true. Despite my feelings being true, they are not always truthful - for instance, I can feel worthless however; I know that I am made worthy through the Cross (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 6:6-7). I will strive to wait patiently as you process your feelings, share kindness to remember it is beautiful to be different, and to adventure into a deeper understanding and friendship of being beautifully and wonderfully made as being uniquely who we are: Feelers and Thinkers.



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