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Should You See A Therapist?

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How to know when it’s time to seek out professional help.

In our culture, there is still a stigma against seeing a therapist. After all, we’d all like to think we’re equipped with all the skills we need to handle whatever life throws at us.

In reality, that’s not fair to ourselves or others. There’s a reason we don’t live isolated from others; we need other people to help us get through our tougher days. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. There’s no shame in caring for yourself by meeting with an expert.

Here are a few indicators it’s time to seek out help for what’s troubling you.

  • You don’t feel like yourself. Have you been feeling “off” lately? Are you experiencing sadness you can’t quite explain, or sudden bursts of anger that don’t quite seem justified? You’re not crazy – you likely have something you need to work through. A therapist can help you start to feel like yourself again.
  • You’re trying to escape. Are you constantly looking for ways to distract yourself? Today, television, social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, and even food can be used as an attempt to escape what’s bothering you. Instead of going through life running from your problems, a therapist can help you face, and conquer, the issues head-on!
  • You’ve lost interest. If you find yourself pulling back from the people and/or activities you love, consider seeing a therapist. This loss of interest is holding you back, but you are intended to live fully!

If you feel like you could use some help navigating through the decision to see a therapist, contact the Community Presbyterian Counseling Center. Our San Ramon, California team would love to help you decide if you therapy could be beneficial, and if so, walk with you through the next steps. Call us today!


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