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More Than Happy: Joy In Being Confident

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Three Tips To Build Your Self-Confidence

In a culture that celebrates “faking it ‘til you make it” and focuses on pointing out individual’s flaws in tabloids and on television, it can be difficult to be genuinely self-confident. Having faith in yourself and your abilities, however, can yield a healthier, happier life. Here are a few ways to banish self-critical and self-destructive thinking.

  1. Quit Comparing: You know the stories of your close friends, and consequently know that no one’s life is quite like yours. Why, then, would you compare yourself to another person walking a path totally separate from yours? Stop basing your evaluation of yourself off the yardstick of others and your self-worth will thank you.
  2. Cultivate Gratefulness And Positivity: Step aside negative self-talk; make way for a new, sunnier outlook. Instead of nitpicking the things you do not like about yourself, start thinking about all of the things you can do and do have. When a negative thought creeps in, banish it with a dose of positive gratefulness.
  3. Get Excited: In an apathetic age, true enthusiasm is rare. Letting yourself feel your feelings, however, can help you become more emotionally healthy and able to find joy in your life. Do not be afraid to get excited about things. Let yourself find what brings you joy in life, and truly enjoy it. This happiness will translate to a more positive outlook and improved self-confidence.
  4. Remember: There are stories that influence our confidence and identity.  Some stories we tell ourselves and some are shared amongst friends and family.  If you are a believer, remember who you are in Christ, and during moments of particularly low self confidence, read the scriptures that talk about your identity in Christ.  It is a narrative that can bring you meaning and confidence in a world that can contradict self-confidence and self-worth.  If you do not have a faith narrative, think of the positive narratives that you and others have often communicated when talking about your identity (i.e. “she’s always been a very hard worker” or “he has a way of making people feel very cared for”) and let the little blows to your confidence slip away.

If you are looking for a caring team to come alongside you on your journey to becoming proud of who you are, contact the Community Presbyterian Counseling Center in San Ramon, California. We are trained to help you on the path to self-confidence. Get the help you need to be happy and healthy this year.


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