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Marriage Intensive

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What is it? An 8-session intensive experience designed to give couples:

  • Tools to understand and intercept patterns of behavior that interfere with intimacy. You will learn to identify your Core Pattern as a couple and to work through conflict in a healthy way.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the ways in which your up-bringing contributes to the expectations, hurts and miscommunications between you, leading to more self-compassion and compassion for your mate.
  • Specific instruction on having more open-hearted conversations which enhance trust and closeness.

Who will benefit?

  • Couples who feel stuck in negative patterns of relating but are committed to the marriage.
  • Couples where both parties are willing to explore their own contributions to the problems they face and take an honest look at their own wounds and patterns that interfere with intimacy.
  • Couples who will commit themselves to faithfully engage in the 8-session intensive and who will prioritize their relationship during and following the intensive.

How will it work?

  • You will each be asked to fill out an application form. As Laura will only be accepting a very limited number of couples, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified whether or not you have been accepted for the intensive.

If accepted:

  • You will be asked to read the book, How We Love, in its entirety before your initial session with Laura. You will need to take the Love Style Quiz which can be found at You will print the results and bring them to your first session with Laura.
  • You will meet with Laura for an initial 2 ½ hour session to review the results of the quiz, take an extensive family history and discuss therapeutic goals.
  • You will then meet with Laura for one 2-hour session per week for the next seven weeks.

Session 1:

Initial interview: Saturday October 5, 2019. Time TBD.

Sessions 2-8: Tuesdays, Oct. 8- Nov. 19 Time TBD

Session 2:

Initial interview: Saturday January 11, 2020. Time TBD.

Sessions 2-8: Tuesdays, Jan. 14- March 3

Cost: $2,800.  Payment of $1,800. due at first visit. Remaining $1,000. is due at the fourth session.


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