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Love Language of Children, Quality Time

Posted by Alan Godfrey on


Does your child ask you to play? Does your teen like being at the mall or car rides? No matter the age of your child’s age their love language might be quality time. It’s easier for parents to give words of affirmation or physical touch to show their love, but our time in limited and there’s only so much to go around. Usually if you prioritize your child’s quality time then you’ll be able to get more of the work done. If you have several children, one on one quality time may be hard, but it still is essential. You can do things as a group with your children, just remember they may each have a different love language. You don’t always have to go somewhere special, but taking them along with you or spending time away from the electronics will tell them “you’re important to me.”

When you are spending time together, make sure to have positive eye contact, share thoughts and feelings, and limit conversation away from correction and quality conversations. Asking questions that do not have a simple yes or no answer will be helpful and even giving older children permission to record special moments. They’ll be able to revisit those moments with fondness. Older children may appreciate more of playing older board games, visiting new places, or longer car rides where you can talk. Even if the older child doesn’t want to, if their love language is quality time, then actually they will appreciate it. With younger children, participating in the play is essential, instead of watching on the park bench. This tells them that you care about what they’re doing and them, helping build a lifetime of good self-image. Overall if your child wants your time (and they do even as teens) then you’ll grow responsible adults and change a lifetime by prioritizing your time to include them.

I hope this has been helpful, next up the love language of gift giving (great timing I know)! I pray that you have a blessed Christmas and Advent season. Reach out if you need any help.


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