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Help Your Kids Achieve Their Dreams

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Your Guide To Making Dreams Reality

Remember what it was like to be a kid? The whole world was open before you, and you felt like you could do anything! Unfortunately, “real life” all too often quashes this enthusiasm. Fortunately, as a parent you can step in to protect your child’s excitement about the world and help achieve his or her dreams. If you are ready to help your kids on the path of bringing their dreams to life, use these tips.

  • Let Them Dream! As a parent, it often falls to you to be the voice of reason. Dreaming time is not reasoning time, however! Let your child think that anything is possible because creative imagining breeds possibilities. The bigger the dream, the more your child will explore, and the more opportunities for success he or she will discover.
  • Give Them Tools. So your child wants to become an astronaut. Buy him or her books on space, watch documentaries about the great unknown, head to the space museum, and do whatever else you can to not just feed the dream but also give it a firm foundation of knowledge. (Plus, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of your child’s natural curiosity to foster education!)
  • Join Them. Why let your kids build towards their dreams while you stand off to the sideline? Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. With your help and support, your son or daughter can achieve much more than he or she can alone! Joining your child's dream may provide invaluable quality time for connection and support.

Parenting is hard work, and you should not have to do it alone. If you want help from dedicated professionals who can come alongside you as you raise your kids, contact the Community Presbyterian Counseling Center. Serving San Ramon and the surrounding California cities, we are ready to help you!


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