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Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries with Children

Posted by Alan Godfrey on

Ever met a child that just won’t take no for an answer? Have you noticed it’s hard to say no to your child before? Were you taught what healthy boundaries look like growing up? If any of this pertains to you, then I want to help set up some tips and tricks for setting boundaries with children. First off, as said in other blogs, boundaries are ways of keeping yourself or someone else safe, with rules for good reasons, and using personal responsibility. As a parent or someone working with children, your goal with boundaries is to help the child learn to accept “no,” to protect them from harm, and give them structure that will lead them to feel safe.

With Children…

  • Use concise language, strategize with your spouse or other caregivers beforehand.
  • Don’t be wishy-washy, mixed signals will lead to children without boundaries as adults.
  • Use a warm, but firm tone and check your body language.
  • Don’t justify a limit more than once.
  • Use age appropriate boundaries.
  • Use contracts with older children/teens.

If you need more specifics, or any of this is difficult for you personally to do, give us a call today.

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