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Choosing a College Major with Less Stress

Posted by Annie Zhang on
How Parents and Students Can Work Together For Less Anxiety For All

Choosing a college major is a daunting task. Focusing in on an area of study that will shape the direction in which he or she will learn, grow, socialize, and work is one of the greatest decisions that college students face. Fortunately, considering various questions in the decision-making process lessens stress for kids and their families alike. Here are some tips for engaging in those conversations at home:

  • Dream Your Dreams: Make a list of the student’s happiest memories and successes and see if that connects to a possible future major. Perhaps many of the memories are linked in one category. Students and parents might consider interests as diverse as loving a visit to a garden (botany major) or a curiosity in how roller coasters are made (theme park engineering major).

  • Do Your Research: Check out books from the library, ask friends and family, or utilize online resources (College Board has a wealth of exploration tools, for starters), to find out more about various majors. Collecting information on required classes, potential job opportunities, and even popularity of the major will help you make a more educated decision.

  • Consider Your Priorities: Consider together how much weight should be put on the earning potential, the job outlook of the major, the student’s passions, and the student’s natural gifts and talents. There should be a healthy balance of multiple factors in choosing a major.

In making any impactful decision, it’s very natural to have stress and anxiety. However, if this becomes overwhelming, we encourage you to contact us to help you work through those feelings and make this decision a much happier one. Our center, Community Presbyterian Counseling Center, is located in San Ramon, California and is just one phone call away from you!


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