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Being a Positive Advocate for Your Child with Disabilities

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Having a child with a learning disability comes with a special set of difficulties. The best way to help your child thrive is to be an advocate for them. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you are the best advocate possible for your child.

  • Stay dedicated. Being an advocate for your child takes a lot of time. Between the research and meetings to ensure your child is getting the best care possible, being a strong advocate can easily take up hours each day. Make sure that you always keep the end result of a responsible, happy, and successful child in mind.
  • Stay informed. The more you know about your child’s disability, the more comfortable you can both be. Ask any questions you have about the disability and attend conferences in your local area.
  • Get to know the teachers at school. If possible, volunteer to help in the classroom so that you can get to know the teacher better and how they interact with your child. It will also help to ensure that you are working in a cohesive way that will best benefit your child.
  • Keep all paperwork. Any paperwork that is given to you at 504 and IEP plan meetings should be kept well organized so that you can refer to it whenever you have any questions.
  • Communicate with your child. The more you talk to your child about their life, the easier it will be for them to express their feelings. It will help you to better understand what is going on with them each day.
  • Utilize therapy. Play therapy for younger children will help them to process the different challenges they face each day. If your child is a little older, family therapy can be extremely helpful.

For more information on being an advocate for your child with a disability, contact Community Presbyterian Counseling Center in San Ramon, California.  


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