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Longing to Belong
Posted by Lauren Gibson on

As you sit amongst the crowded room of people watching their various interactions, you begin to hear more and more clearly the phrase of your internal narrator echo the statement internally, “I don’t feel like I belong here.” Despite your best intentions, the search for a sense...

The Power of Play Therapy
Posted by Lauren Gibson on

Play therapy utilizes play, a child’s natural mode of expression, to help them express their feelings through toys and games instead of words. Play therapy includes activities such as puppet play, role-play, sand tray, and creating artwork. Gary Landreth, one of the leading pioneers...

Thief of Joy
Posted by Lauren Gibson on

Constantly, we are analyzing information – smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. Nevertheless, how our brains gather information is only the beginning of a long chain of thoughts that end at a conclusion. This link between points in the brain usually takes the same amount of time as it...