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Forgiveness (Part 2): Why Is Forgiveness Important?
Posted by Alan Godfrey on

I do not know you as you read this, and maybe it seems impossible to ever let go of hurt or to begin to love a perpetrator.  Maybe you’re thinking this is not necessary and you feel more comfortable with the middle ground (you don’t want to feel angry, but you’re not ready...

Forgiveness (Part 1)
Posted by Alan Godfrey on

  Do you have someone in your life you have not been able to fully forgive? You are not alone, as I have met many people who wish to forgive but are not sure how or where to start. A lot of people think forgiveness means forgetting, or telling yourself what happened was not impactful. This...

Defining Boundaries
Posted by Alan Godfrey on

Most of the following is for work with couples in recovery, but the boundary examples, message, and implementation are applicable for every person who has ever had someone cross their boundaries or had trouble in this area. What are boundaries? Boundaries are like fences between...

Healthy Relationships
Posted by Alan Godfrey on

  Relationships are hugely important parts of our lives -- but what makes a healthy relationship, anyway? In this entry we will break down some of the core fundamentals to having a loving, healthy relationship. For our purposes, we’ll define healthy as both people, in either romantic...