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ADHD Throughout Life
Posted by Sarah Carter on

  ADD and ADHD are fairly well-known diagnoses, but they have several overlooked aspects that clients and their families are often surprised to learn. ADHD isn’t just a childhood disorder; it follows the child into adulthood and can present differently at different ages. It is...

Posted by Sarah Carter on

  Grief is a word that people use to describe the mourning period after a loss. Widows go through grief, as does anyone who loses a loved one, even if the death was anticipated and the person was ready to let go. Many people don’t realize what grief can encompass or how it presents...

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More Than Happy: Joy In What Matters Most
Posted by Emily Chandler, MS, MFTI on

When Happiness Falls Short, Seek Meaning Studies reveal that the majority of Americans report that they are generally happy and are not burdened by too many life stresses. That makes sense, as we live in a society obsessed with helping us all find happiness and comfort. Unfortunately, happiness...