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Understanding Anxiety
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How Anxiety Disorders Can Affect A Life We all have had times—even entire seasons of life—that we would characterize as stressful. We know that when our minds feel anxiety or fear, our bodies respond. This is scientifically proven; under stress, your brain triggers the release of...

Understanding Depression: How This Illness Manifests
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An Inside Look At Depression When depression is talked about in popular culture, it is often flippant. Unfortunately, this has left many people thinking depression and sadness are the same thing, and all someone suffering from depression needs to do to get healthy is “snap out of...

Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
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A Look At OCD Everyone has had that feeling. You are halfway to work, and have the mini panic attack that comes with the sensation that you think you forgot to lock the door. Turning around to check your lock once is pretty normal, but if you feel the need to repeatedly triple or quadruple...

Helping Your Family Member With Mental Health Issues
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How To Get Your Loved One (And Yourself) The Necessary Support First off, let us remind you that you did not cause your family member’s mental health issue, and it is not your responsibility to fix it. Let that settle over you. You can come alongside your loved one, walking each step of...

Getting Your Teen Healthy After An Eating Disorder
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Helping Your Kid Overcome Disease And Find Joy More than ever, teenagers today are being pressured by the media. With the ubiquitous nature of magazine covers featuring airbrushed models (both men and women), celebrities paying people full-time salaries to touch up their “selfies,&rdquo...

Managing Stress As Your Child Flies The Nest
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How To Get Yourself And Your Teen Ready For The Next Step You are so happy for your teen. Sure, there have been some ups and downs over the years, but he or she has made it to high school graduation and is now heading for the next big step- college. While your heart swells with pride, there is...