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Pain is a Gift
Posted by Makenna Clements on

Controversial opinion: Pain is a gift.  Going through something painful is tough, there is no denying that. By its very definition pain involves suffering and discomfort.  It makes sense, then, we as humans find ourselves doing whatever it takes to rid ourselves of this perceived...

Use of Social Media
Posted by Natasha Griffin on

  Social Media use is one way we can stay connected to one another. With the current social distancing rules and regulations, social media is a resource we can use as a platform to share thoughts, opinions, emotions, and current news. Whether it be the political climate, uncertainty of the...

What is a coping Skill?
Posted by Natasha Griffin on

  Many of us are finding the shift to our new social distant lifestyle to be troublesome for our mental health. Yet how do we use our coping skills if they are no longer accessible? Gyms are closed, brunches are canceled, and camping is prohibited. Many of the outlets we leaned on for...