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Healthy Relationships
Posted by Alan Godfrey on

  Relationships are hugely important parts of our lives -- but what makes a healthy relationship, anyway? In this entry we will break down some of the core fundamentals to having a loving, healthy relationship. For our purposes, we’ll define healthy as both people, in either romantic...

Genuinely Connecting In Our Busy, Superficial World
Posted by CPCC Blogging Team on

Overcome the stresses and demands of daily life to connect with your loved ones. We live in a go-go-go world. With our trusty smartphones ever at the ready, we’re never more than a moment away from being reached if someone needs us. This can be great in a family emergency, but getting...

Baby Boomers, You CAN Understand Your Adult Children!
Posted by CPCC Blogging Team on

Learn to connect with your Millennial using these tips. If you’re a Baby Boomer who often feels frustrated with or confused by your adult child, you’re not alone! There are a number of differences between your generation and Millennials that can make it difficult to get on the same...