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Defining Boundaries
Posted by Alan Godfrey on

Most of the following is for work with couples in recovery, but the boundary examples, message, and implementation are applicable for every person who has ever had someone cross their boundaries or had trouble in this area. What are boundaries? Boundaries are like fences between...

Let's Talk About Sex: Keeping the Spark Alive while Trying to Conceive
Posted by Mackenzie Sodestrom on

In preparation for our Sexpectations conference coming up this month, our April blogs will be focused around different stages and phases of healthy sexuality.   Our sex life naturally changes as we progress through different seasons of life. For the 1 in 6 couples who experience...

Posted by Gabriel Eriksson on

The Enneagram is a personality system with old roots used for exploration/understanding of one’s personality type and opportunities for spiritual and psychological growth. The Enneagram is a complex model that lends itself to digging deeper and uncovering unconscious beliefs that drive...