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Patty Shirley

Patty Shirley

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counseloroffice: 925-212-1018

Patty joined CPCC in 2015 while working toward completion of her MA in 
Psychology from California Southern University. Patty has been working 
in the field of addiction since 2008, having graduated with a BA in 
Addiction Studies from Bethany University. Patty's focus on addiction 
has spanned substance, pill and alcohol abuse and addiction, as well as 
behavioral addictions including work, sex, porn, relationship, love, 
gambling, eating disorders, shopping, Internet, and more.

Patty enjoys motivating, encouraging and collaborating strongly with her 
clients, working with individuals, couples and families. Patty utilizes 
a multi-theoretical psycho-education approach, integrating Cognitive 
Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectical 
Behavior Therapy, the Twelve Steps and more. In order to help others 
achieve health, wholeness, and balance in their lives, Patty comes 
alongside her clients, showing compassion and encouragement while 
seeking God's healing. Patty uses a strong, holistic focus on 
teaching others new ways to communicate, strengthen relationships, set 
healthy boundaries, and care for themselves in order to care for others 
in a healthy way.

Patty is certified in:
- Trauma
- Co-Occurring Disorders
- Anger Management
- Domestic Violence
- Women’s Treatment
- Dementia-Related behaviors

She enjoys working with clients facing challenges with:
- abortion
- addiction, substance abuse and behavioral addictions
- anger management
- anxiety, worry, stress
- boundaries
- career and college planning
- chronic pain and chronic illness
- codependency
- communication
- dementia/Alzheimer's and associated behaviors including worry, 
paranoia, psychotic behaviors, hallucinations, etc.
- depression
- grief, loss
- life-changing transitions, such as job loss, divorce, relocation, etc.
- low self-esteem
- sex, sexual dysfunction, sexual identity and sexuality
- trauma, abuse, PTSD, self-harm
- women’s issues

Patty and her husband have been married for 30 years and have two 
emerging-adult children.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #107445
Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #3022
Registered Addiction Specialist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Patty is supervised by Dave Shinoda, Licensed Marriage and Family 
Therapist (MFC46558).